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Doña Elena Olive Oil’s Festive Flavors Holiday Menu at 49-B Heirloom Kitchen

Since the holiday is a season to gather family and friends, make sure that your choicest menu is aplenty. Plan a get-together and kick off the festivities at 49-B Heirloom Kitchen at Sct. Gandia Q.C. from December 2016 throughout January 2017 where Executive Chef Erica Aquino’s 4-course menu is heartily inspired by Doña Elena Olive Oils, the country’s No. 1 great-tasting and health giving oil.

Doña Elena Olive Oil’s Festive Flavors Holiday Menu at 49-B Heirloom Kitchen
Grilled shrimp on patacones

Simple but show-stopping, the Grilled Shrimp on Patacones (P285) is a comforting rendition of South-American flavors in one. Flavorfully made with Doña Elena Extra Virgin Olive Oil, the crunchy plantain with shrimps and mayo are designed to be eaten by hand  and washed down with a chilled cucumber yogurt soup that’s totally satisfying but not stuffy.

Doña Elena Olive Oil’s Festive Flavors Holiday Menu at 49-B Heirloom Kitchen
Olive and chorizo stuffed chcken

Since a stunning holiday centerpiece is an imperative to your festivities, give  Olive and Chorizo Stuffed Chicken (P550) a try. Mediterranean inspired and comes with a generous filling of olives and chorizo, it’s also marinated in Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil that’s bursting with juicy and rounded flavors that’s perfect with a creamy mashed potato.

For a dose of Latin-American inspired dish, the Cuban Beef Stew with Yellow Rice (P340)  that’s sauteed in Doña Elena Pure and Extra Virgin Olive Oil won’t disappoint.  A plateful of fork-tender beef with a side dish of delicious black beans and fried saba bananas, the long grain turmeric rice completes the festive formula of this bright and filling recipe.

Doña Elena Olive Oil’s Festive Flavors Holiday Menu at 49-B Heirloom Kitchen
Grilled tilapia fillet with red onions and olive relish

 The Grilled Tilapia Fillet with Red Onions and Olive Relish (P420) is tasty but light, filling and totally guilt-free! Wonderfully conspires a Mediterranean taste, this pasta dish is refreshing and punctuated with Doña Elena  Extra Virgin Olive Oil no less.

Doña Elena Olive Oil’s Festive Flavors Holiday Menu at 49-B Heirloom Kitchen
Cheese panna cotta with lemon infused olive oil

Equal parts velvety and creamy, the Cheese Panna Cotta with Lemon-Infused Olive Oil and Pistachios (P225) is brimming with layers of cheesy goodness. A mix of cream cheese and crumbled kesong puti on a pool of Doña Elena Pure Olive Oil, it’s finished off with a zest of lemon to cut the richness of this incredibly decadent dessert.

Since the occasion calls for an elegant but easy to prepare dishes, all diners availing this menu will get a chance to receive a complete trio of Doña Elena Olive Oils that will surely inspire recipients to serve a hearty but healthy menu for the holidays. Ten lucky diners at Heirloom Kitchen will win special Doña Elena Olive Oil gift packs.

Doña Elena Cuisinera Club social media followers will also have a chance to win gift certificates for Heirloom Kitchen so make sure to follow @donaelenacuisineraclub and @49bheirloomkitchen for updates and announcement of winners. So whether you’re hosting the party or participating in a potluck event, these festive flavors from Doña Elena Olive Oils and  49-B Heirloom Kitchen will surely fire up the celebration that’s guaranteed to bring people together.


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